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A loving privately run dementia care home in Worthing

Willett Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing, West Sussex is a privately owned Nursing and Care Home, registered with CQC to provide Nursing care for up to 20 elderly people over the age of 65, who have Dementia.
We have been successful on numerous occasions, helping people in the Community with difficulties associated with Dementia.
In 2018, Willett Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing was the care home of choice of the Dementia Crisis Service and awarded the contract to host a place for the local Dementia Crisis Service (now Intensive Support Unit).
Working alongside amazing mental health professionals, Willett Lodge Nursing Home in Worthing was successful in managing people’s difficulties within a short span of time.
We also can accept Emergency admissions where there may be little to no time to carry out a normal pre-admission assessment.
We understand choosing the right care or nursing home is important – so we have produced this helpful guide to lend some assistance.

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    More About Willett Lodge Nursing Care Home in Worthing

    Sincere care

    …because we believe sincerity is the foundation of compassion.”


    The definition of Meaningful differs from person to person; so we recognise and incorporate this into our personalised care for residents.


    Every resident will have their own understanding about what is a meaningful activity to them – so we embrace this and create something appropriate wherever possible.


    We believe life is a journey where forming new relationships is a constant and important part of this journey. We respect this and form new relationships each time a person chooses us.


    …we also respect the trust that each new person and their families place in us. We nurture this trust to form a partnership with everyone to keep our resident at the heart of everything we do.

    Our People - An Overview

    People are at the heart of everything we do. Our hugely trusted specialist teams, (care staff, cooks and chefs, cleaners, admin staff, managers, entertainers, owners etc…) all deliver the very best experience possible putting it at the very centre of everything we do.
    Nursing and Dementia Care Homes in Worthing West Sussex

    Our People
    are so Valued

    Our staff are valued and hugely appreciated. We embrace diversity and look to support each and every member of our team in every way we can providing the things they require to deliver a caring, safe and productive environment. Training is comprehensive and on-going ensuring they have the personal skills and knowledge to be the best they can be.
    Nursing and Dementia Care Homes in Worthing

    Come On In

    We normally have an open door policy for bookings but COVID means we have to exercise caution to keep people safe. Please contact us to discuss your options for visiting loved ones.
    Nursing and Dementia Care Homes in Worthing

    Our Food Is
    Delicious and Nutritious

    We ensure that mealtimes and snack times are something to be looked forward to.
    We ensure that our food is delicious, nutritious and different every day. A great variety of dishes are on offer. If resident’s have any particular dietary requirement, we cater for this within professional guidelines, wherever possible.

    Nursing and Dementia Care Homes in Worthing food