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Inspection Report

Willett Lodge is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as a Nursing home for people aged 65 or over. We specialise in Dementia but also have residents who do not have Dementia but have only nursing needs.
A few comments from the Inspector on our last inspection (as in our report);

“The atmosphere throughout the visit was good. It was calm, friendly and homely. Staff were observed to have a good relationship with the people living there. When talking to people, staff were friendly and professional. They spoke clearly to ensure they were understood and listened carefully to make sure they knew what was expected of them.”

“Care staff we spoke with demonstrated a good understanding of the needs of people. We talked to them about the level of care required by four identified people. They told us what was expected of them to ensure their needs had been met.”

“Staff we spoke with demonstrated a good understanding about safeguarding vulnerable people from abuse. They were able to talk about the different types of abuse they might witness and the possible signs to look for if someone is being abused.”

“People who have used the service have been protected from the risk of abuse. This is because the provider had taken reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and to prevent it from happening.”

“There were enough qualified, skilled and experienced staff to meet people’s needs.”

“During the course of visit we noted relatives approach the manager to speak to her about something. We observed the manager was open and professional in her discussions with relatives.”

Comments from relatives in our inspection report
“I’m completely happy with everything at the home because I know one hundred percent that keeping everyone safe is one of the biggest things the care home offers.” – A relative of our resident.”
“Myself and my mum cannot fault Willett Lodge and staff in anyway”
“It’s a good home, and the staff do a fantastic job.”
I one hundred percent believe the staff care, because they are interested in mum and in me and the rest of our family. They’ve taken the time to get to know everyone.
“All of the staff are kind and considerate.”
“They know [person] very well by now.” Another said, “The staff have always been friendly toward me, and seem to be the same toward my [person] who has said themselves in the past that they find them kind, caring and friendly.”
“I would be very happy to talk to the registered manager about anything; good or bad and I would have no reason to hold off from doing so.”
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Sincere care
Caring driven by years and years of experience and listening to what our residents want and need then delivering it through a desire to create the best Nursing and Residential care home experience possible.

Our residents’ lives are important. Wherever possible, we make sure their lives continue to be meaningful – and that they are important, whilst still maintaining control of their decision-making and lives.

We embrace independence and ensure our residents do too.

Activities are a huge part of everyday life at the Willett Lodge Nursing Care Home and we are focused on providing quality activities and entertainment. Every resident will have their own understanding about what is a meaningful activity to them – so we embrace this and create something individual wherever possible. Our loving teams of staff get to know what is right for each resident – whether it be reading, gardening or something else entirely – the aim is to ensure residents enjoy themselves, relax and continue to be stimulated.

Relationships are everything in life and having fruitful ones based on understanding and caring only creates a better life, never more so than for Nursing and Caring home residents. Our residents put their trust in us to keep them safe, well and loved. We embrace the words CARE and HOME, focusing on delivering that every day.

Our residents are their families and other loved ones – trust us to deliver the very best of care and provide a stimulating, safe and loving home – a place they enjoy living at – a place that makes them feel secure, a place that is staffed by teams of people they trust – and more than anything – a place they feel proud to call: HOME.

Our People - An Overview

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our hugely trusted specialist teams, (care staff, cooks and chefs, cleaners, admin staff, managers, entertainers, owners etc…) all deliver the very best experience possible putting it at the very centre of everything we do.

Our People -
So Valued

Our People - So Valued

Our staff are valued and hugely appreciated. We embrace diversity and look to support each and every member of our team in every way we can providing the things
they require to deliver caring and a safe and productive environment.
Training is comprehensive and on-going ensuring they have the personal skills and knowledge to be the best they can be.

Come On In

Family, friends and visitors play important roles in our residents’ lives. We welcome visits…
whether it’s just a quiet sit down – or perhaps participating in an activity or two!
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Our Food Is
Delicious and Nutritious

We ensure that mealtimes and snack times are something to be looked forward to.
We ensure that our food is delicious, nutritious and different every day. A great variety of dishes are on offer. If resident’s have any particular dietary requirement, we will cater for this wherever possible.
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